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Previous Winners

January 4
HakanGerek (TR)
jakeraptor (NA)
January 11
IntenseTowel (NA)
Trainaider (EUW)
January 18
ankith2000 (NA)
varus kids (BR)
January 25
CinEmAcrEd (EUNE)
chilenojodeculo (OTHER)
February 1
Tyson177PL (NA)
Ledz3p15 (NA)
February 8
DaiGod (OTHER)
GrPaokAngelos99 (EUNE)
February 15
trak73 (EUNE)
February 22
PudimdaParaiba (NA)
ifig (EUW)
March 1
CoolCranberry23 (NA)
sargentTACO (NA)
March 8
tiagotri2 (BR)
TheMonster991 (EUW)
March 15
PaulDanielMalina (NA)
Oorkklos (BR)
March 22
Janikaba7272 (EUNE)
MaxaM59223 (EUW)
March 29
Rikszarik (EUNE)
Izanagy (BR)
April 5
April 12
April 19

January 5
exoskelett11 (EUW)
SothhotGG (NA)
January 12
bryankiller (OTHER)
kazsi95 (EUNE)
January 19
blackhood8 (NA)
kazumasskazuman (EUW)
January 26
Darklici0us (EUNE)
Eskerion (EUW)
February 3
TiMMaHnaTor (NA)
JudgeDe4d (EUW)
February 9
Eggnocholist (NA)
Pentavo (EUW)
February 16
2eZ Killz (NA)
Reliaxwel (EUW)
February 23
Its maaaagic (EUW)
jandro PL (EUNE)
March 2
emanuelecavallo (EUW)
Nazaden (NA)
March 9
MystiCmiC (EUW)
omaidog (OTHER)
March 16
karcsika98 (EUNE)
Araeros (EUW)
March 23
theevilwolfman (EUNE)
tr3n4k (EUW)
March 30
vidlak13 (EUNE)
Dragos45423 (EUNE)
April 6
Hikonamita (EUW)
clemens1 (EUW)
April 13
Brinaris (EUW)
skyfletcher (NA)
April 20
Aoiryn (NA)
wundahwaffle (NA)
April 27
Whendrak whendrak (EUW)
studjr216 (NA)
May 4
pingmeishu (NA)
IgnitionMortis (OTHER)
Doresyssis (EUNE)
dorfbevohner (NA)
May 18
forkingu69 forkingu69 (NA)
Smeji Se Ti (EUNE)
May 25
wachme98 (EUNE)
Mopeds (NA)
June 1
NBT Nobatko (EUNE)
chinesepride110 (NA)
June 8
tkennead (NA)
fattalpic (EUW)
June 15
Goromini (EUW)
RedDeadG22 (NA)
June 22
Redfireworkz (EUNE)
GhostSucker13 (EUW)
June 29
sailedstarling (EUW)
Krusher12 (NA)
July 6
Awagi (EUW)
scottdee scottdee (OTHER)
July 13
Queen Annah (NA)
Alpha1396 (NA)
July 20
Lunarcriss (EUW)
SaveMoneyCrew (NA)
July 27
B42EG0D (NA)
YOlennert97 (EUW)
August 3
TheKingOfAHorse (NA)
jaré (OTHER)
August 10
WoIfpack08 (OTHER)
August 17
Toa of Death (NA)
August 24
Jay Division (NA)
mattir9 mattir0cks911 (EUW)
August 31
neibeu (EUW)
Aksuma (EUNE)
September 7
skaletin (NA)
JJswim (NA)
September 14
bubi02 (NA)
September 21
Greenranger69 (NA)
Stépandélix (EUW)
September 28
Kirua kill (EUW)
Sanrigui (BR)
October 5
FranCoDBF (Other)
GerDrP4in (EUW)
October 12
godgamerhd (NA)
Zyxcountdown (NA)
October 19
yummiermanx7810 (EUW)
Djrock2 (NA)
October 26
spider guilherme (BR)
Legasineu (EUW)
November 2
hayrullahpakkan (TR)
tyler (NA)
November 9
armicrom (EUW)
darckhrono (BR)
November 16
Adam1900 (EUW)
Kuchulanu (NA)
November 23
Arthyon (OTHER)
merlkerco0ol (EUNE)
November 30
konrax0404sly (EUNE)
AlFaVoOjNiK (NA)
December 7
ragaedd97 (EUW)
Carazinho (BR)
December 14
Flapy (NA)
bapctotax (EUNE)
December 21
Bergman101 (NA)
CNog (EUW)
December 28
Lraen (TR)
RestInPepperonis (GARENA)

June 16
domtredom (EUW)
June 24
19game (NA)
Collapsed brain (EUNE)
June 30
Blacks07 (OTHER)
DeduleJoncius (EUNE)
July 7
totomilia21 (OTHER)
July 14
grgthekiller (OTHER)
July 21
pusantro (EUNE)
Valkyrja (NA)
July 28
Madara602 (NA)
Malvuran (OTHER)
August 4
Gorgon01 (EUNE)
xofrnk (EUW)
August 11
Lerm (EUW)
jaberus (NA)
August 18
gosho300 (EUNE)
W00kieMonster (NA)
September 1
WhiteDraggon (BR)
Lukillo (EUW)
September 8
HulkX21 (NA)
asianpower69 (NA)
September 15
IceCube18 (EUNE)
TheLegendOfjhony (EUW)
September 22
PLcantPlayThis (EUNE)
JWiwillwin (NA)
September 29
SnowingFraus (NA)
CrazyHunter1 (EUW)
October 6
pez payasos (EUW)
Flame123121 (NA)
October 13
Krusher12 (NA)
SnowTrick (NA)
October 20
konexx ftw (EUW)
1620 (BR)
October 27
Ultimatesoup (EUW)
SlayersPrime (NA)
November 3
Killkill730Killkill2 (NA)
November 10
gosho300 (EUNE)
Valorborn (NA)
November 17
Gangnamm stylee (EUNE)
thatguynxt2u (NA)
November 24
Kumbre Vieha (EUW)
Unsheathed Sword (NA)
December 1
Michal776 (EUNE)
xxxStalkerxx (NA)
December 8
Lasiros fg (EUW)
McDurka (NA)
December 15
ajazix (EUW)
ToxicBlood180 (EUNE)
December 22
bobafett9977 (NA)
boomba woman (EUNE)
December 29
xBlastedInkx (NA)
PlanetHerb (NA)

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This app shows information of all champions currently playable in the League of Legends (LoL) game. This app can be used to study any champions to enhance your gaming.

You can:

– View champion statistics, ability details, lore HD skins

– View Free Week Champion Rotation (and also set as widget)

– You can click on each ability to see more details (Video, Cost, CD, Damage, Scaling, Range, etc…)

– When you view a skin in HD, the app will automatically save the skin in your sd card under Champions folder to use them (i.e. Wallpaper)

– You can filter the champions by their attributes by pressing the menu button on champion select screen

This is one of many League of Legends app that is currently being developed. Please support by rating and reviewing this app and check out my other apps!

Get it free on Android!


League of Legends Champions isn’t endorsed by Riot Games and doesn’t reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing League of Legends. League of Legends and Riot Games are trademarks or registered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc. League of Legends © Riot Games, Inc.